I hate feeling too full.  Full of life, hate or anything for that matter.  With that being said I challenge you to live in a fine line of balance. You have heard the saying that no good deed goes unpunished, and I like to believe that is true. SO, for every good deed that I do in this world, I do some bad.  I key a Bentley right after I help a grandma cross the street, because its just the right thing to do!!  I like to think that I help keep this world in balance with my actions and no one side should get the best of me.  I challenge you to put the healthy diet binge down and snack on some pork rinds once in a while.  I challenge you to jay walk and then pick up trash someone just littered.  Live precariously they say. Well I say live life purposefully.  Party like you mean it, work hard and party some more.  Nothing is guaranteed on the other side so do not leave things like being successful to chance. If there is something you like, go on and get it. I have hesitated too many times, waited one too many seconds before I dove in for a kiss.  Maybe I am asking you to live this way because I lost track of my self along the way.  Too much schooling can leave you dumb, and I think I am barely getting back my senses. Balance my friends, balance.    

She stood there, silent, in rest.  Waiting for the wind to sway her towards me   

      Has this prolonged exposure to solitude affected my ability to capture a collective experience without muting my surroundings with thoughts as my mind clouds the world around me? Sometimes I feel I can’t hear the world over the thoughts in my head, so much to do, so little time.  I sat awake on my bed the other night as the rain poured -  and if you don’t know anything about me, you should know that I detest laying in bed without the ability to sleep. My time awake is spent learning, working, designing, drawing, drinking, summoning her sea, and when I am too tired to do any of those, I lay in bed to rest my mind in some sleep.  There is nothing worse than wasting time trying to go to sleep while my mind races on about all the things I know I have to do the next day.
         As the rain continued to torment me, I sat and wondered, when is my dream of success is going to wake me from this slumber? Maybe in those very stupid words, lies my answer I thought, this dream is what makes me weak, my hand craves something tangible.  I have tested the boundaries of my imagination and its elasticity through my eagerness to deny myself the reality of the world around me and my ability to question everything I touch. I have lived as some could only dream of, in a dream, and as I face reality I find myself wanting to change so much of it.   As my mind becomes infected with experience and knowledge I feel as though my imagination reaches a point of plasticity, a point in which its limits are created by my ability to analyze the consequences of my actions all too well.  Maybe I am no longer satisfied by big dreams, and my hunger to create has been building for some time.  Like every aspect of my life, my excuse to press pause on my personal life, my art, and my creations was always school. A series of videos held in pause for too long, people waiting for a text that never came due to a final, or a birthday message that still sits out in internet limbo. 
Its time people, no better day than today to get your life in play. 
I have been fortunate enough to eat drink and sleep architecture for the last twelve years, and I think it is time to begin to create it. Post-ponning my thesis  was strategically done to continue my internship, it cost me the loss of many  memories with many great friends, I could only hope they one day understand. 
Watching this project finally come to it’s construction phase has truly raved my spirit

An interest study of the eye, its adaptation and important role in my personal life.

      I’ve been sitting, threading a sewing machine in a half lit room for the last couple of days, which I think has begun to affect my vision. All this squinting and blurs as I stare at my screen for another ten hours before I go to sleep got me thinking (lol), what if we could realign our vision in the same way that we damage our vision when we read in shitty light, reverse the effect and align our eyes through a focusing method in which we force our eyes to focus back to a retina limit. This would of course take a system that provides enough quality of image for our eyes to capture in the right amount of light, and the right amount of depth in view.  Its funny how walking outside and away from this screen provides all that, and we cant seem to find the cure if its not in a prescription. So let it be, I have my theory, which could fix your eyes in the same manner that you work out your biceps.  Yes, its an eye work out, sure take vitamin A and eat carrots but work your eyes out, Im a 20/20 kind of guy and intend to keep it that way, even after i considered getting glasses for some of my interviews lol. Let your eyes rest, and work them out(under the right environment).  When a child would grow up with a weaker eye than the other it was common to  patch up the strong eye and allow the weak one to become strong, forcing the weak eye to become essential to ones senses.  Later, take the patch off the good eye,  and allow both eyes to level out.  Your sense will become strong where they need to, and your vision will fade away if you don’t need it as you stare at your screen from an inch away.  Develop habits that work with your body, not against it.



Here’s to destruction, the mother of all creators!!!! 

She reminds of a time in my life that I lived for to be with her, every second I fought to be in her life, maybe without her knowing it.  I was an undercover boyfriend living in the friend zone.  
My apartment in Rome is being missed very much
Stories of a city built on water
Nothing a night out by the beach can’t fix.
The night swept us off our feet and twirled us around three times